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SpaceVac International

SpaceVacs Innovative High-Level Cleaning System – provides a safe and efficient method of cleaning up to 20m in height from the safety of the ground floor. ideal for internal and external cleaning of pipes and fixtures in factories and warehouses as well as commercial buildings.  

The result of over a decades worth of development and refinement, the SpaceVac high-level cleaning system is a precision-engineered cleaning system unlike any other; providing peace of mind and unrivalled cleaning performance across a wide range of business sectors.

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The best high reach vacuum for high level commercial cleaning and maintenance. Offering its operators unrivalled flexibility and performance, the SpaceVac internal vacuum system offers a complete commercial cleaning solution, allowing cleaning operators to clean up to 12m high, from the ground floor; quickly, safely and efficiently with no need for expensive and time-consuming items such as ladders, cherry pickers or scaffolding.

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SpaceVacs ATEX PRO system has been developed specifically for cleaning in industrial factory areas designated as Explosive Atmospheres (known as ATEX). The system is 100% fully conductive, to guarantee spark-free operation and total peace of mind for industrial cleaning operators to clean in industrial factories.

ATEX cleaning is a specialised area and requires equipment specifically designed and manufactured to be used in these environments. To bring SpaceVac up to spec, our team redesigned a brand new patent-pending ATEX ready version

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The SpaceVac high reach, high level gutter vacuum cleaning system is a heavy-duty gutter cleaning tool designed to help operators clean external fascias, blocked guttering and downpipes up to 16m high from the ground floor efficiently.

Cleaning out your gutters and external fascias have never been so easy! With SpaceVac’s gutter cleaning machines you can rest assured that your gutters can be clean from the comfort of the solid ground floor and not a high ladder. By investing in gutter cleaning tools you are able to clean your gutters with ease and with increased safety. High level gutter cleaning tools are a cost-effective investment, regular maintenance of your gutters prevent blockages from building up and causing damage to the building. It is so important to keep your gutters clean and it has never been so easy to do so.

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Some Satisfying Cleans

Watch the SpaceVac Systems carry out some satisfying high level cleaning with ease.